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VFT Akai Ryu Flower Stalk

Apr 15, 2002
Bristol, England
I have just got a nice looking Akai Ryu, it has several new traps growing on it. There is also a growth right from the centre of the 'bulb' that is looking suspiciously like a flower stalk (it is about 2" high at present).

I presume that because it is growing from the centre of the plant it is not a new leaf with a trap and must be a flower stalk. Is this correct?

If it is a flower stalk I want to remove it. Should I cut it as close to the bulb as possible? If not where is the best place?
Aug 27, 2001
Hi Oli,
I am glad the Akai Ryu you had from me is settling in ok. The suspected flower stalk would not have the typical folded back midrib of a developing leaf with trap, but would grow vertically upwards.

Good pruning!