VFT are done eating...

So, I can home last night from a weekend in the country, and my VFT has re-opened after eatting a fly for 4 days. The VFT's goo is dripping from its mouth, and the dead fly is still inside the trap. What do I do? Leave it alone?


You can leave it alone or you can blow out the bug.

Just don't stick your finger in it ( or anything else ). You might trigger the trap and it will close again.

Or if removing dead bugs isn't your thing, you can just leave it as a reminder to those that wish to come into your home
If I leave it alone, will the carcus just remain there? If I decide to remove it, how do I do that w/o triggering the trap? Will this always happen?


If you leave it there, it will stay there.

If you want to remove it, blowing it out should not trigger the trap.

Some people have also used water to get rid of the bug. Misting it away.

The bug should be below the trigger hairs and therefore shouldn't touch them.
Nice job, Meagan!

The plant must be well cared-for, if it's dripping like that. Mine are not so juicy, at least not until the weather finally improved.

I have 12 vft`s on my kitchen windowsill that are very well fed. My wife kind of gets grossed out when one of my traps opens to reveal whats left. I very carefully take a toothpick to remove the insect.
Once again, you guys ROCK! I have to say, my VFT is the coolest pet I've ever had! Thank you for the suggestions, honestly I do not enjoy looking at this dead bug.

The traps are SO ooey-gooey it is unbelievable. This is the first VFT I've ever had, so I assume this is a good thing?

You all might be interested in seeing my set-up, how do I post a picture for all to see?

John, you are from Milford? I grew up in CT. What a beautiful, lush place!