VFT cuttings, seeds?

Ok, so if I have 2 VFT's, do they produce seeds, or is there somewhere I can take cuttings off the plants to grow more? Or will I always have to order them if I want more?


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I know you can take leaf-cuttings and get them to root, but I've never tried it (yet&#33
Here is what I have hear/read:
Gently peel a full leaf away from the plant. Make sure that you get some of the white part from the rhizome (spelling?). Place the leaf face up (I assume that means with the trap open to the sky) on your growth medium and place a little bit of soil over the white part on the end of the leaf.

Hopefully someone can correct me if I'm wrong, and add anything I left out. Especially since I plan on doing it myself!!


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.  D'Amoto's book suggests "...being sure the whitish base of the leaf is intact."  Which I take to mean get as much of it as possible without harming the rhizome.  But I have also read in several places that you only need to get some of the white part.
I haven't done this either.  My VFTs produce several divisions every year, so my VFT collection is slowly growing all the time.
Along the same lines... is there a good time to "peel" a leaf away? I'm assuming that the vft would deal with the ordeal better when it is fully mature rather than when it's still small and young.
I have found that the larger leaf cuttings produce bigger new growth compared to smaller leaf cuttings. So, I would wait for healthy large leaf to do cuttings...of course, if you're impatient and want to do leaf cutting on a small leaf, you'll have a very small off-shoot

Leaf cuttings do not require the trap to be present, just the white portion (rhizome). Never let the soil go dry. It's best to cover the pot with plastic and expose to indirect sunlight to prevent "cooking" the little guy

Leaf cutting is very simple, but it does take time...so give it a good 4-8 weeks for new growth.

Because summer is half way over, any new growth from your leaf cutting will not need a dormacy this winter, just a LOT of good light during the winter
Wow, thanks for all the help here! Maybe I'll give it a try once I get my new babies next week! They won't be babies though, they're 2-3 years old already. I will probably refer to the book before I butcher them though, cause although this writing back and forth helps, I may actually need to see some pictures or visual aid of some kind just to be sure I'm not going to chop it to bits!