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VFT Dormancy Question

So I have a bunch of those death cube VFTs (and one S. purpurea) that I bought from grocery stores. They are inside currently, under grow lights. I live in zone 7 and am unsure where to put them for dormancy later this year. I have an attached garage, but there is no window, so no sunlight. This site says I can put them in a mini greenhouse outside to protect from cold, but the only place I can put it is a covered porch that faces North that gets no sun. Will this be okay? What do you guys and gals suggest?
VFTs will be fine overwintering outside in zone 7 but they may need a little bit of protection. I'm in zone 6b and I get through winter by mulching all of my temperate carnivores with a thick layer of pine needles. Where I live, the temperature drops below freezing pretty regularly in winter and the plants enter a deep dormancy where photosynthesis isn't really necessary. The bigger threat in my area is not low temperatures, but allowing the soil to dry out and exposure to desiccating winds.
Okay so they'll be fine on my back porch then, so long as I protect them? It gets pretty windy here too, but the porch should be protected from that.