Vft in action

The link below is to a digital movie that I shot yesterday of a spider and a vft sharing the same space at the same time.
Note: my camera will only take movies in the .mov format which will only play on the Quicktime Player (free download if you don't already have it on you computer). Unfortunately .mov files have a tendency to be large. This one is 1.5 MB in size and runs for only about 5 seconds so if you're not on a high speed connection, it will probably take 8 to 10 minutes to download if not more depending on the speed of your internet connection. But if you have time, grab a cold drink and some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

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Wow, faster than mine! Really nice VFT you have there.

VFT = 1, Spider = 0
Thanks guys and gals, glad you liked the show. And now for an encore. I have added a couple more movies to my webpage, one being a close up shot of a vft and spider and the other one is of a drunk fly snacking on pitcher plant nectar. The sarr movie is cool because of it's cliffhanger ending...well, sorta.

Click on the link below instead of the first one...the webpage contains only the links (text only) so you don't have to wait for it to open.

CP Movies
Wow Allan, those are awesome videos. Were you around your plants waiting for that perfect moment when a spider would craw into a trap?
Larry, yes...when I go out onto the patio I have learned to keep the camera within reach. I like to set out and have a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes also in the evening before dark. I missed too many photo ops when something cool was happening and by the time I got to the camera, it was over. An example is when I was watching a fly climb around the mouth of a small S. rubra, knowing that there was no way that the fly could fall in. Then suddenly, the fly took off, went up about 6", did a half-loop, and crash dived (dove) into a VFT's trap. The trap snapped shut instantly, thus ending the fly's aerobatic routine. Like jhalaska says, VFT = 1....Fly = 0.