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VFT Leaf pullings, strike?

I did some Leaf pullings 5 weeks ago I have lifted them up today and no rots are formed at all but still its white rhizome. But then I see this little bold thingy on them all at the bottom over the soil. Is that a new plant center forming ? even its no rots on the leaf pulling ? Or is it just some kind off disease or such ?

Did add some pics..

Thnx in advance, its my first pullings ever :)

Yup, that's a strike. Keep them in those conditions and you'll see new traps coming up from there.
Ok but it is no rots at all on the leaf I thought they made rots first :p but iff it is a strike like u say then I made 3/3 leaf pullings strike thats nice :)
Yep, that's a strike. You'll see little nubs first, like you have there. Roots come much, much later.
Think of it as a little bag of water with an in-built instruction kit for developing a plant.
hehe nice one :p
Hi people I am trying my first by divison...

Tear off showing white part, popped in rooting hormone... then layed on top then cover the root part a little.

So lets hope they take I got couple of Fused Tooth that I want to take :) BIG GRIN