vft propagation

I tried propagating with leaf cuttings but was never able to get the whitish base. So I was thinking, just snipping a leaf off, dust it with rooting hormone, then sticking it into sand/peat mix. It works with other non-cp's why not vft's?


When you take leafs from the plant, it is best to do when you are reporting or are able to get the white part ( from my past ).

I haven't played with rootone and VFT's, but I have done it with Nepenthes and it works great!

It wouldn't hurt to try it out if you have the root hormone handy.

Otherwise, I would take the leaf, and pull downwards, that will allow you to get some of the white part of the plant.

If it workds for you, you can take that and try rooting hormone. You might have better luck.

Keep us informed on what you do!! and how it works


It's been one of dem days
  I got a small jar of Schultz Take Root rooting hormone a couple years ago in the plant section at Wal Mart.
  Check in the gardening/houseplant section of your local stores.  They may have some under a different brand name.
I decided not to experiment with the rooting hormone, instead I took a chance and transplanted a vft and took some leaves with the white base attached. Hopfully I'll get babies and momma will survive. Jack