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VFT Tanning - How to get red traps

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T5 lights for 12 hours, temperatures in the mid 70s to low 80s.

This is the best I've grown the cultivar so far in the past >15 years! :lol:

And it is not even the full potential of the plant. A combination of very bright light and cool condition will turn even the teeth maroon. Sigh...not possible at my growing area though.

Photo was taken in natural light and some orange pots in the background to show the actual colour.
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Hi There,I have started growing from seed this year and I have two red little guys,I can't post any photos of them I guess due to me being a newbie,,As soon as I can I will post a pic of them!!
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Anyone can post photos here. You just need to have them on a hosting site like flikr or photobucket and then link the photos into your posts. I think you can even host them through this site although I don't use the function.

Nice looking vft's btw Cindy. What cultivar are they ?
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Madmacks what is that bird on your shoulder in your avatar? I thought Nanday at first, but the tail looks wrong for an Aratinga species.
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@Cthulhu138: It's the Akai Ryu.