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Vidyut's grow list

Feb 16, 2015
Nalasopara (near Bombay/Mumbai)
  • byblis liniflora, byblis guehoi
  • pinguicula aphrodite
  • drosera burmanii, finlaysoniana (indica complex), spatulata, hybrida, beleziana, andromeda, capensis, curviscapa, esterhuyseniae x slackii, binata dichotoma giant, binata red(?)/marston dragon(?), binata multifida (seedlings), pretty rosette (seedlings)
  • nepenthes ampullaria, ventrata, miranda, several vikings (?) + small plants: truncata x mira, rajah x veitchii, robcantleyi x veitchii, veitchii x platychila, rafflesiana, madagascarensis, bellii (+several plants and seeds on the way)
  • venus flytrap several small plants
  • heliamphora minor (scrawny one, this)
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