May 14, 2003
what would happen if i fed my vft a small piece of a vitamin? or if I dipped a bug in superthrive and then fed it to my vft? Haven't done all this because I thougth it would probably kill it, but I figured I'd throw it out there.
Sep 3, 2002

Feeding it a bit of Vitamin would certainly 'burn' and kill the trap, if not your whole plant.

I use Superthrive occasionally to help out weaker plants or to jump start freshly obtained ones. I wouldn't dip an insect into pure superthrive, but rather dilute one drop into a 32 oz. spray bottle and give the foilage a quick mist. (one pump). Only do this ONCE!

Occasionally, you can dilute 1 drop per GALLON and maybe mist the foilage once a month, if you feel you have to.
Note that doing this will encourage algae growth.

I wouldn't do anything else if it's catching insects or your feeding insects; there's nothing you can do on a regular basis that's better than 1 or 2 insects a month.

I'm not discouraging you to experiment, but you need to be careful.
May 27, 2003
Super thrive are a potent and highly concentrated product.  It contains various of vitamines and plant hormone.  If given to your plants without the dilution, you are most likely to burn your vft traps.  If your plants do survive at all, it will exhibit extream stress by producing abnormal leaves and traps.  You see all these vitamine are meant for the facilitaion of plant's energy utilisation process for the production of more leaves and traps.  And since VFT exist in the poor soil, you plants will show strange growth.  Also, the plant hormone contained in the superthrive if given in high doses can act as an alternate forms of herbicide, so I would advice you to dilute it down if you want to experiment.  

One last thing, should you decide to do this make sure you do it to a plant you can spare.  Good luck, I know how much fun it can be when doing experiments like this.