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Nov 8, 2009
San Diego, CA
My father has lost his job, which makes the $85 rubra purchase I was going to make (my money) from Phil at MeadowView not too popular with the family. I have been growing cps for two years and a half.

Here is my grow table that is missing all kinds of plants. I have 5 pots to fill with sars, and 5 with intermedia: (red marks indicate vacancies)


The sars go in the black pots, the sundews in the bottles (will have tops cut off)

I was going to order:

Rubra gulfensis
Rubra rubra
Rubra jonesii
Rubra Alabamsis

Now, I'm looking to trade for them. I am saddened that I probably can't get jonesii and Alabamsis because they are endangered. (but if I can I would like em)

I would be interested: (maximum of 4 plants of course as I have 4slots)

S. Rubra rubra-a bigger plant or division-NO LONGER! THANKS BROKKEN!
rubra gulfensis-a bigger plant or division
flava sbsp that I don't have on growlist
sars....sars to fill the big, black pots.
D. Intermedia from southern state comparable in climate to southern California. seeds ok

Non-cp: a working Alphasmart 3000

For trade I have:

PC games (have some more that are not shown like Combat flight simulator two-(VERY good))


Notes on some of the games:

-American Conquest is excellent! You can fight your friend with a special Ethernet cable. I can include a 5 foot cable if interested. The original cd comes with a copy and manual.

-To serve and Command: Doesn't require the cd to play! Excellent laptop game for on the go. It is like you're looking down on a map, you can change how you look at the map though. Has good graphics and isn't boring.

-Universal Combat. My favorite computer game of all time. It is where you are in space with a high-tec supercarrier and you have all kinds of assets at your command. You can get out anywhere, drive vehicles, play first person...but the cruiser is the best.


I also have a couple stealth aquarium heaters to trade.

Besides that, I have these carnivorous plants to trade:

D. Capensis 'Broadleaf'; 'Alba'
D. Dichotoma
D. spatulata (austrailian)
D. venusta
D. Filliformis "florida red"
U. Sandersonii
U. Livida
s. leco 'tarnok' (small)
D. Aliciae

10 or so 3 inch touch sensitive plants.

I have a couple of succulents native to here. I also have a native prickly pear that I could send a leaf of.

and a very well hardened (experienced frost and is ok) nepenthes ventrata. Hardened to low humidity, low temps, and high light.


I also have a couple of cacti, and can take leaf cuttings from almost everything on my growlist.

If you have something I'm looking for...I'm sure I can find SOMETHING you'd like if you tell me.

Thanks for helping make my growing season a success! If you want to trade, even if later, please post.
Sep 1, 2008
San Jose, CA
I can probably provide you with a rubra rubra division. It appears that my D. venusta has decided to kick the bucket under mysterious circumstances just prior to flower so if you have any extras I'd be interested in that.

Nov 8, 2009
San Diego, CA

Thanks for em Steve. I still owe you a couple pings. What do you think about 2 essenceria and 3 sethos? I'll have those ready (bigger size) in a month or so... or would you rather have a pc game?