Wanted: All red trap VFT

I was wondering if anyone has, or can direct me to a source, for this form of the VFT that has green typical leaves, but the inside of the traps are blood red? I am looking for a donation, or can trade for this. Please email me if you can assist. Many thanks!


Do you have any idea what it is called? I might be able to help you on this one if you know what it is called?

I think the typical VFT can have a red trap with enough light. I've seen pics of these that are blood red inside the traps.
I have what you're looking for. Its called 'blood red traps'. The leaves are green, the outside of the trap is green, but the inside is a bloody red
Its also called red-green sometimes. Theres a pic on my site and also on the exotica web page.