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Wanted: Ant Plants and Tree Ferns

I'm looking for Ant Plants along the lines of:
Hydnophytum formicarium
Hydnophytum simplex
Myrmecodia tuberosa
Myrmecodia platytyrea
Dischidia major
and other easy ant plants.

I'm looking for Tree Ferns, species such as:

I have a variety of plants and animals to trade or we can make other arrangements. Please PM me!
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<--- Also looking for treeferns if you find a source.
Both Tree Ferns and Ant Plants can be found at Black Jungle, but I'd like to see if my fellow hobbyist have anything available first. :D
I have 15 month old seedlings of Myrmecodia, probably tuberosa but not 100% confirmed ID.
Well, I learned something new today. Cool.
I really love how the community comes through on our forum! From the replies on this thread, to all the PMs I've received. Thank you all!
I've got to get some sleep, as go out of town from Friday to Sunday, but I will reply to everyone on my return!
Thanks again! High Fives all around!
All PMs have been replied to.
I sent you a PM as well Whimgrinder.
FloridaCP, your PMs are full, when you clear them out please send me a PM. :D

Thanks everyone!