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Hello friends,

I have 2 different s. flava var. rubricoporas to trade, one has location data the other does not.
I have s. flava var. cuprea
I have the other s. flava varieties besides autopurpurea

I have the seeds listed here

I have s. rubra varieties
I may be able to take a s. rosea division

I have d. venusta to trade
D. aliciae
D. "transvaal" nidifornis x dielsiana

I could even spare some p. caerulea...and I have two p. luteas to trade if required. Both are from the wild...good genes. I could tell their origin from the soil when they came to me.

I have VFT "SW Giant" plants

And I'm looking for seeds, plants, or maybe cuttings of what is listed in the title. Thank you! :boogie:
wanted.. Drosophyllum. ;)
Pmed, also would you be interested in helis?
Thank you all for the replies!

Pmed, also would you be interested in helis?
Those don't grow well here I'm told. We have low humidity (40-60%), and higher temps during the summer. I grow almost everything outside.

wanted.. Drosophyllum. ;)

I couldn't send you full grown plants :nono: I just doesn't work that well. I'd either have to get you seeds or seedlings. I have seeds, but seedlings seem to not want to show themselves to me this year!
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could i see some pics of the vft?
Of the one for trade or a full-size kindof deal?

Large SW Giant:

Plants for Trade:
What do the Rubricorporas look like?
Not sure. I have 3 and they didn't get very red for me this year.