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Looking For (trade) WANTED: Small Nepenthes

*CLOSED* Thanks for looking!

It's starting to warm up and I'm looking to trade!

* Nepenthes x St. Gaya
* Nepenthes glabrata cross
* N. maxima (the actual dwarf form, whatever it's called.)
* Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' (ampullaria x ventricosa) (I've wanted this for years! I could buy, but trading is more fun!)
* Other small leafed and small pitchered Nepenthes for indoor growing.

For Trade I Can Offer:
* Epidendrum radicans (Fire-Star Orchid)
* Rubus flagellaris (Wild Dewberry Vines - like blackberries, but wilder and so tasty!)
* Porcellio laevis 'Orange' isopods
* Cubaris murina 'Papaya' isopods
* Cubaris sp. 'Panda King' isopods
* Cubaris sp. 'Rubber Ducky' isopods PENDING

To trade, PM me now!


Cubaris sp. 'Rubber Ducky' Isopod (not my photo)


Cubaris sp. 'Panda King' Isopod (not my photo)


Cubaris murina 'Papaya' isopods (not my photo)

* Porcellio laevis 'Orange' isopods (not my photo)
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