Water quality

Hi. I am new at this and ya'll have really helped me a lot. I have quite a few venus fly traps and a few pitcher plants and I have been giving them only distilled water. They are doing great. I was just wondering about water filters. If I were to purchase a filter with a carbon insert and another filter with a fiber insert (the one that says it filters out minerals and chlorine), would this be as good or would some of the minerals still get through? They are set into a small water bog set-up beside my pond and during the drought it is getting pretty expensive filling it up with distilled water. If this is what it takes, no problem, but I was curious to know if anyone had tried these filters?
Sorry a carbon and particle filter will not remove dissolved minerals. Stick with the distilled or if you can collect some rain water that would be fine. Water off an airconditioner should be acceptable to use as well.

There are other alternatives to these but they do involve Deionizing or Reverse osmosis. If your using alot of water it might be cheaper to go for one of these types. You might also check at some pet shops around town. Maybe they can sell you 5gallons of purified water at a better price.
I know what you mean about buying jugs of distilled and RO water from the grocery store! Last night just for a weekly watering I went through 7 gallons and I will be buying more to keep the humidifier running and the occasional watering of a few plants in more drainig mix than others.... It's definately time for me to invest in a R/O unit for me. They are only $179 at the local hardware store. I'm just curious as to how easy they are to hook up? I put on a new faucet & toilet several months ago so I'm able to do some minor plumbing but I'm not sure where the R/O plugs in to the water line, etc....
You can get a variety of adapters for hooking up the RO system. Typically they come with a female hose end so you would need to buy an adapter to connect to something like your kitchen sink spigot. SOme of those designed for drinking water have a saddle valve which just goes over your copper pipe and punches a hole in it.

Connecting them is not usually too hard.. hard part for me is trying to figure out where to run the waste water!

Just on a side note for folks that are on metered water. It may turn out cheaper to use a DI system instead. I know many commercial orchid growers in Southern California use those. No need to store and perhaps repressurize RO water. And no waste water.
thanks for the replys, would a dehumidifer work, i saw one on sell at home depot for $99.00, i could hook it up in a work shed close to the pound and run a drain line to it.as it is i am adding about 2 gal of dis water a day and the dehumidifier will do up to 3 a day. would this be good water?