Water tips

I have read that red dragons like it alittle drier. How do you all water them?


Well, I don't know about everyone else, but my red dragons are in the same big pot with my dente, typicals, and greens, and they seem plenty happy.

If I were to say there was a different method of watering them, I would suggest maybe going another day longer between re-filling the saucer, or perhaps keep the water level in the saucer, in general, lower than you would with other plants.


It's been one of dem days
I treat my Red Dragons the same as my Green Dragons and other VFTs. I have them setting in trays with ¼' to 1" of water in full sun from 12:30 to whenever the shade from the nearby garage gets to them (about 6:OO).
My Red Dragon's are with all my other VFT's and get no special treatment: all grow naturally in an outdoor mini-bog which remains wet all season, and occasionally verges on semi-aquatic after heavy rains. They are doing well under this regimen.
Me too!

I keep my Red Dragon in a mini bog container with my Dente, typical, and Green Dragon. I keep the sphagnum moss moist at all time and the Red Gragon is thriving the best out of the four VFTs.