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What are you listening to right now?

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I like listening music when im on my computer/mobile, surfing the net. Im pretty sure you are like me :D

Here is a thread to share what music you listen while you are on Tfs.

I will start this :)

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This was the last song played on my iTunes play list.


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Pearldiver, I coulda sworn youd be listening to Pearljam!
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Pearldriver, I coulda sworn youd be listening to Pearljam!

Ah yes. Long ago I worked with a fellow who was ex Navy and he gave me the nickname. That was their term for a dishwasher. A friend brought over the Blu Ray disc of that performance last week and it is pretty outstanding. Very different in theme and feel from Godsmack.
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Learning Dutch, so listening to all the Dutch music I can... All of my American friends like this song...

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Been on a Lord Huron binge this week.

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This guy in concert was among the most phenomenal artists Ive ever gotten to see.
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Great artist!
Thanx for sharing :)

Another great one:

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Even better than the original... by a group of 12 year olds.