What are your vfts

This is just for fun.
I have:Typical,prostrate,blood red, green dragon, and bigmouth.It has been quite a while and I would like to see the new VFTs you got.
i have :
typical ( also have one that is 50 years old , thank Bobz )
red variety
blood red trap ( my current favorite  
fine tooth x red
green dragon
red dragon

also i have 2 other ones that i am not sure of but 1 seem to be an all green variety and another have very long thin petioles that creep on the floor which i belive is the variety creeping death .
Gold trap can you get a pic of your blood red and 50 year old VFT.Plz get the Blood red.I got one and it's too young!


God must have an interesting sense of humor
My collection is quite small. (And no I do not have a fifty year-old flytrap.
) That is impressive though. Anyway here is my collection.

(1) Five typical VFTs
(2) One red dragon
(3) One dente
(4) One green dragon

i'll try to take pics but i must tell yuh i've never posted a piuc on internet before and i'm not a very good photographer but i'll try . the blood red trap vft is absolutly beutiful , i got it from cooks and the 50 year old plant is quite nig . i'll get pics as soon as possbile .
Red Dragon
Red Rosette Giant x Burgandy Trap Giant Upright ( Thank you Phil Faulisi!&#33

And the experimental "Blue Wonder" (ie: I wonder if it will turn blue with food coloring!&#33
Just a little clarification about the 50-year-old VFT. I bought a package of 3 VFTs in a five-and-dime store in Berkeley in about 1955. They have been with me since. Every late winter I divide up the multiple "bulbs" and spread them around. In the spring, I let all my VFTs flower and hand pollinate them for seed. I always keep about 20 of the original plants (clones) in a separate pot so they do not get mixed up with selfed seedlings or other VFT breedings.

I don't have a digital camera, so I have no photos. This old clone is rather plain with a light red trap interior and medium-sized traps (even those grown outdoors in full sun). In spring, the leaves have long uprightish petioles, becoming typical flat rosettes as summer progresses.
thanks again bobz for the 50 year old vft .it very red though in the trap , a bit on the edges of the trap and on the edges of the leaves .
I have:
6 Dentates
6 Red dragons
1 Red Piranha
1 Jaws
2 typical

Just ordered 1 Fang and one red-green.

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Ok.. as promised I have posted a few pics of my Flytraps. Just clik the my homepage link to see them.
p.s. a couple of them were a lil camera shy and didnt make it into the gallery yet lol I'll try to get some more posted soon.