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What does a drosera capensis flower stalk look like when emerging from the growth poi

I have a drosera capensis and would like to know what a flower stalk first looks like when it is first emerging from the growing point, because I have seen a thicker hairier growth coming out of the middle of my plant it is curled up and appears to have some little balls in the middle of this growth, are these developing flowers? Should i expect a flower stalk from this, i dont have a camera good enough to capture this but it is definitely visible with the naked eye.
What you described is a flower stalk. Maybe I can post a picture later, but most of mine are rather well developed and I clipped them off.
it looks like a spiral that rises tall and turns into a bunch of flowers. it looks very different from normal arms. you will see it if you look closely.
D. capensis is very difficult indeed to dissuade from flowering, forming seed and colonising every pot that contains peat within a 10 mile radius. Favourable conditions or not.