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what is this? moss or some type of bladderwort?

I hope i can attach this picture correctly


This is growing along with some random droseras in a pot with our All Green VFT im possitive its harmless but i see little flower stalks emerge from within this green stuff and the questions as to what it is from the kids has got me wanting to find out once and for all!

Your guess is as good as mine really. It kinda looks leafy thin little long shaped leaves and these tiny little flower stalks about a inch tall with a little ball at the top (??) idk if ive ever seen them open they are quite small to say the least.

Any guess would help. One of the older kids thought it may be a bladderwort of some kind and a younger kid said it looks like moss but im not quite sure lol!
That looks like a bladderwort to me, probably U. bisquamata or U. subulata. There's also quite a few liverworts in there.
An invasive bladderwort, ie CP media herpes.
Lol cp media herpes! Either way weve never had a bladderwort so i guess im gonna have to repot the baby droseras or..try to and the VFT and let it take over its own stomping ground for the kids to study lol
What is a liverwort if i may ask i dont beleive ive ever heard of that!
Hahaha well i cant say im an expert on everything but the things i kno about i kno enough about but never turn down learning more to share my knowledge with the youngsters!
Thank u for the link lol i greatly appreciate it!