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What media for capensis? None!(?)


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
I'm just fooling. But seriously, I've been dividing and transplanting Sarracenia like crazy, they were loooong past due! Part of the reason is I let drosera grow in my Sarr pots and generally don't want to bother with repotting them (or disturbing them). At first I was potting them up, I did a few community pots. Then I was adding them back into freshly potted sarr pots. Then I gave up and just started throwing them in the corner of a tray. I started doing that about the start of Feb.
Screenshot_20230406_211548_Video Player.jpg

And today they look even better hahaha
Cape always does what it wants without worrying about what 'should' be. I'm sure you could grow it rooted into an old washcloth