What to feed Flytraps?

I am wondering what type of bugs I should feed my green dragons. I have tried twice to feed 2 different plants ladybugs (ladybeedles) and both of the traps died! I got these plants 2 weeks ago and am trying to boost growth for spring! Please advise me!
if any part of the bug is sticking out when its sealed ... that part usually grows a fungus type mold thing and can kill off that trap... as long as you still have live leaves... your plant should still live...


use soft bodied bugs like flies crickets those 2 are the best I have found. They don't mess with the trap at all unless the trap is old that is or dinner didnt go down right and they still have somethin flappin out the edges when its shut.
I have heard many times that lady bugs are very bad for vfts, since they will kill the trap every time. They release a substance that obviously is not very good for the plant. Ants are also not very good to feed since they are too acidic.
Your best bet will probable be Crickets, flies, and some types of maggots. But that is just my opinion.

Never Feed any beetles to your plant! They have an exoskeleton that is very difficult to digest for the vfts.

Traps dying (turning black) is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as your plant is sending up new traps it is ok. It may be a bit disconcerting to see your traps shrivel but the new ones should come back a little larger and hungrier.
I have had the best luck with flies and spiders. I dropped an ant into one of my traps over 2 weeks ago and it still hasn`t opened yet. I really have found that soft bodied insects work well for me.


Arent antskind of small
? What size ants are you guys talking about?
In my opinion, it seems that ants are not very good for VFTs feeding.
They produce formic acid who causes damages on the traps.