Where should I put my VFT?

i know i have to put it in direct sunlight. and my room has only 1 window with the heater below it. it's really cold outside and i like to keep my window open.

so should i put my pet on the window sill? it'll be able to feel the cold draft from outside as well as the very dry heat from the heater below...

suggestion pls... i just got this vft a second ago. i don't know where is the best place for it.
I would take an hour or so to browse over this forum. Most of the questions you will have are answered somewhere. Also, if you just got it I would wait a week or so before feeding it.
Hi, unless it`s below freezing the cold shouldn`t be a problem. I live in Connecticut, it`s still pretty cold here too. I grow all my vft`s on a sunny windowsill. Water them from below with rain or distilled water only. I usually hand feed mine 1 trap per plant per about once a month. Good luck! Peace, John.
If you put the top half of a two litre bottle over it, it can act as a humidome, with an escape to have a bit of airflow... that will cut down the humidity robbing characteristic of the vent...
Sounds like the EXACT spot I keep mine. Mine are doing fine despite the heater in part I think because I ALWAYS keep the trays full of distilled water.

i have a confession. i didn't use distilled water the first time. when i got it home i rushed to water it... and back then i hadn't read up on the watering part. :-(

still a little confused about that 2-litre humidome: that goes on top of the plastic terrarium that it comes in???

thanks everyone, this helps a lot.
Do not use the plastic dome it came with--it provides too much humidity and so encourages fungus and heats the plant excessively when sun hits it.

A humidome with the top cut off would still provide high humidity but also some ventilation.

Your plant should be sitting in a few cm distilled water at all times--keep the soil very moist but not soaking wet.

It's ok if you watered it incorrectly once--I did the same thing with my first VFT!



to make the dome everyone is talking about, take a clear soda bottle, either 2 or 3 liter, cut the bottom off, so it will sit around your plant, level. Leave the top off the bottle, essentially, so it is open at the top. place this over your plant and it will increase the humidity.

Tray watering: A tray is a saucer of distilled water that the pot sits in. You should re-frill the tray with water every day it goes dry, never letting the soil dry out. (using a tray that will fit inside your soda bottle is also a very good idea.)

OK, as for watering it with tap water the first day.

Do you have hard water? Soft water? is it softened? (with salt?) if it is softened with salt, flush your plant with 1 gallon of distilled water. Salt is deadly. otherwise, flush if desired, but you probalby shouldn't worry to much about it if the conditions are corrected, and your are using distilled water now.

TO flush, hold the plant over the sink, and pour slowly, 1 gallon of distilled water through the pot.