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Where To Buy A 'Cat Proof Terrarium'.....


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I've been tasked to come up with procuring a 'Cat Proof Terrarium', as a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. any ideas?
Why does she need to keep the cat in the terrarium?
Schrodinger's cat :-))
Trying to actually be helpful this time.

Most of the manufactured terrariums these days have optional locks you can use for the front door/doors, some keyed, some kid safe type locks. I know from experience the metal mesh on the Exo-Terra brand terrariums is a PITA to remove, short of some custom made kitty kevlar safefy gloves I just don't see it happening.

The biggest issues I think you would have would not be the terrarium itself but general cat behavior. Oh these hanging, fragile, and expensive LEDs are really fun to play with. It is so snug and warm on top of your lights or in cool front of your fans.

And if you are going the cat in a terrarium route.....well that would be sooooooo easy.
keep the cat from the same room as the terrarium ? lol:-))
But it's only that until you look and then it's either one or the other
Schrodinger must not have been fun at funerals...
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The Exo-Terra are nice and the top is a pain to get off. However I don't see it being stron enough to hold the wait of an adult cat unles it's a small on. Depending on what kind of humidity your looking for your going to have to put something on top to hold it in. Choose it wisely and it will hold the cats wait.
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I have since re-delegated that responsibility to my wife.