Which humidity is Best?

I have a couple of VFTs and a Sundew, the humidity in my room is about 50-55%. I have a terrarium, and when the plants are put into it the humidity soars to 70-80%.

The temperature is about 20 degrees centigrade and they are on a North facing window (unfortunatly - but unavoidable) in the UK. So sun doesn't really blast the plants, although the days are getting longer...

With not so good sun light, 20 degrees temp what is a good humidity for the CPs?
70 - 80% much better than 50 - 55%. They like it moist.


Flytraps also like air movement... it's a toss up really.

My flytraps grow outdoors in the summer when the humidity is in the low 40's to 20's. ANd they do just fine.

Remember, the more conditions you get right, the better.

If you can provide better temp, light, and soil outside the terrarium, then it's better than having better humidity inside the terrarium..
Is there an upper limit to the humidity that a VFT can take? I woke up this morning and it was 90% (supposedly - I'm starting to wonder if the humidity meter I have is prone to exageration!)

I have a fan running during the day (as it is not safe to leave the window open - burglars) and that keeps the air circulating at a humidity of 70%. The temp in the terrarium is about 66-68F, but the light isn't great... would you recommend a lamp/striplight? If so is fluorescent best, or is there a specific type to go for? and what wattage/spec would you recommend?