White Fuzz

I put my plant in the fridge and every once a week i look at it and i looked at it and it had white fuzz on it will it kill the plant i wiped the fuzz away.

(Edited by Joel at 5:11 pm on Mar. 15, 2002)
Quite an interesting sentence you've got there!

You may want to spray the plant, soil surface, and pot with a fungicide solution so that the fungus doesn't reappear.

PetFlytrap offers two fungicides on their accessories page that you may be interested in.


Joel? WHere do you live? In the US it's time to take your plants out of dormancy.

Also, you seem to have a lot of questions about your flytrap, next time, feel free to ask them all in one post, that way you don't have to go looking around for all your answers!

Because now I am thinking things like "Is he feeding his flytrap while it's in the refrigerator?"
If your the Northern Hemisphere, your plant shouldn't be in the fridge as you should be starting to enjoy the spring regrowth. Give the plant a nice well lit position with plenty of air flow and you'll find that the white fuzz will die of with out the use of fugicides (I prefer not to use chemicals where I can.) Of course if it gets worse then zap it with some fungicide.