Why do u keep vft\'s?

I was just wondering why you guys keep flytraps?
Most of the guys i know keep them because they reckon they are cool...they are so materialistic it's scary. I don't keep them because i think they are "cool"-i keep them because i think it is mind bogging that an organism without a brain has been able to evolve,or still is evolving,into a plant that is able to capture insects and eat them. I mean i like the way these plants get some of their own back, it's frustrating when i see catipillars eating away at my other plants,but these plants simply give the catipillars the taste of their own medicine and i like it. Also everything about these plants is so interesting and amazing i find trouble beliving you can buy them from K-mart for a lousy six dollars. The fact that they can survive in extremly harsh conditions is one of their more appealing characteristics as well,being able to survive in places other plants wouldn't beable to. Also the fact that i can raise such a facsinating plant in my own home gives me some sence of achivement. Well i could rabble on all day so i better stop-it is getting a bit long:)
I think they look so good as well. No other plant has 'teeth' that I can think of and it's a challenge to keep them alive and grow them as large as possible. I also like the collecting aspect-there are so many varieties. The nursery I used to buy from in the UK has been bought out and will start trading again in January so I can buy loads more


I like them because htey have some appeal to me I can't describe, maybe it's nature being turned on it's ear, or the fact that not many people do, or have the skill, to grow them. Makes me feel a little more special.


Well, a friend of mine got one and I was hooked. I got my very own green dragon , and I've been completely in love with them ever since. It reminds me of the plant from 'Little Shop of Horrors' (one of my favorite movies), so I named it Audrey 2!


Wel I bought mine because of all of the #### fruitflies. They are pretty cool plants not as hard to grow as I was told. Everybody said me they wouldn't last long so then it became a challenge and then the darn craneflies started comming in my room I hate those things so I had to get some giants they are VERY COOL!!!!!


I orginally got one because I thought they were cool and to take care of the labybugs my room was growing. Now it gives me someone I can talk to. I think my favorite part is when people walk into my room and go "What is that?!" When I tell them they are either afraid it will eat them or what to feed it a finger. My new one is just starting to grow and it's exciting to think that John C. Calhoun will someday be as big as Audrey 2. At least Twoy took care of the ladybugs.

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apple rings.. what more can i say?
Same reason! The only name I can think of for mine it ''Anteater'' because it loves ants hehe!:biggrin:
I agree with RPs comment about "nature being turned on its ear", saying "carnivorous plant" is like saying "man eating butterfly", I guess that there is also the attitude factor, there is always something fascinating about something that is designed to do nothing but EAT, sharks, pirahnas and T-rexs come to mind as examples, the greatest example of nasty attitude I ever saw was a pixy frog ( Pixicephilus sp. I think, a.k.a. South African Bullfrog) this baby frog was no bigger that a pencil eraser but when he was presented with my finger tip he lunged and tried to bit off a chunk, the same way with the plants, it is like they have such an attitude that they forgot that they are supposed to be helpless! I like Cacti for the same reason. ATTITUDE!!!


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I grow them because they are interesting, challenging, beautiful and...they're a plant! Gimme a plant and I'll try to grow it. :)