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Why not. My current grow list.

Nov 26, 2020
VFTs: two large-mouth varieties, and one long-leaf variety. No specific cultivar has ever been applied to them, so I'm assuming all are "common."

Sarracenia: one S. Purpurea "Fat Chance" and one Purpurea hybrid with long, tall pitchers.

Nepenthes: one N. Ventrata, which needs to be kept in a humid aquarium to grow pitchers, and has been a consistent pain for me, as much as I love her. Haha

Drosera: D. Tokaiensis, D. Binata, D. Multifida, D. Capensis (albino and regular), and D. Natalensis. I have some "D. Burmanii" that I purchased seeds for, but they're growing into D. Tokaiensis as far as I can tell. They look nothing like Burmanii.

Wish list: D. Burmanii, D. Regia, D. Adelae, D. Capensis Red, Wide, and Big Pink varieties, D. Filiformis (the only plant I've ever killed, early on in my learning), and a whole slew of VFT cultivars (Akai Ryu, B-52, etc.)

I really want to purchase all of those plants as seeds, since I'm finding so much joy in growing from seed lately.

Fun fun. Happy growing.