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Wild collected Nep seed purchase discussions


Upon reading this thread I felt compelled to be a wet blanket since nobody else is saying anything.

Many, if not all of these ebay vendors are taking these seeds from their indigenous environment most likely with no permits. Also I have never heard of any of these Indonesian vendors actually having the permits to send these seeds internationally. In fact right now there are a number of species up for sale that will "be sent as arts and crafts".

For a long time N. naga and still right now N. aristolochioides seeds are or were available on ebay. I understand wanting to grow these plants from seed. I would absolutely love to have some seed grown N. aristolochioides. But many of these vendors brag about how fresh their seed is and how it was "harvested" from Mt. wherever.

Why are these plants getting rarer and rarer?

Why are some endangered?

How is buying their poached seeds off of ebay going to sustain that species?

Ask yourself these questions.