Will a VFT survive in a dorm room?



Hello! I am new to this....I have a question. I was thinking of getting a VFT b/c I think they are very cool. I live in a dorm room at college and was wondering if you all thought it would survive. The plant would be on a window sill, but I don't think it will get 8 hours of direct sunlight. I could get an artificial light, but would rather not. If you can help at all I would appreciate it! Thanks!
I would go for it. If it gets about 4 - 6 hours of sun that should be ok. All you really have to do is give it good water (ie distilled, rain or reverse osmosis) and make sure it never dries out. Keeping the pot in a saucer with about a half inch to an inch of water is good.
I give my most of my plants full indirect light - and they do great. I think the biggest obstacle would be your roommate(s).

Common or Green Dragon VFT would do the best. The Red Dragons can be tricky for some people. Also a Drosera capensis might be nice if you want another type of CP that's hardy yet pretty.

Not a good idea this time of year: the plants have a required cold dormancy for the winter. You might be able to have it out until the end of October, but then the dormancy requirements will need to be met.