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Will This Light Work?

Dec 1, 2015
(As you may have seen from the number of posts I have made, I'm a noob at this site.:blush: So, I don't know which topic I should post this in. But, oh well here goes nothing.)

Hello everyone! Anyone have success with LEDs for CPs? I think my T-5 tubes are starting to wear down and I want to experiment with different lights such as LEDs. I want to start out with something cheap, like this Amazon.com : Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue Indoor Garden Plant Grow Light Hanging Light : Patio, Lawn & Garden Anyone you think it'll work?
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BS Bulldozer
Apr 11, 2013
I have 3 very similar panels over one of my setups. I don't grow CP's there, but did get my Brassavola nodosa to flower under it. One thing, the color rendition is terrible. I added a couple white led flood lights to get a better appearance. I don't think that plants which require full sun would do as well as those which do well in bright indirect light outdoors.