Winter care



I live in the north of the UK. My Venus Fly Trap is kept in an unheated greenhouse in about an inch of water. It is new this year. As winter approaches should I bring the plant indoors and if so should I continue to leave it standing in 1 inch of water - or should I put it in the fridge as recommended ? Outdoor temperatures are often bellow freezing at night for much of the winter. Thanks.
Deep and prolonged freezing is not advisable. I suggest you go the fridge route. Do not keep the plant in water for its dormancy. If possible put the whole in a ziplock and the moisture in the mix should be enough. Keep an eye out for mold: the main enemy during dormancy.
As for going the fridge route, how long do you keep it in the fridge? When do you put it into dormacy, and when do you take it out?
Approx. 3 months or so should suffice from what I've read, November to February seems to be the popular months. Just remember to slowly adjust your plant to the new temps. and photo periods. Just suddenly taking it from where it is and plopping it into the fridge could send it into shock.
when you put the plant in the ziplock bag, should you force all the extra air out or not? and what would be the easiest way to adjust the plant to the cooler temps?