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BS Bulldozer
And like most plant folks who live where the snow flies, one of the major limits on what I keep is lighted space. My house doesn't have much window space, and some of what's there is reserved for cats. I have a few set ups with artificial lighting, but still run out of space every winter. Expansion is out of the question according to my wife. It's why I've become so into tropical/subtropical plants with a full winter dormancy. Due to the vagaries of life and plant growing I have more of some plants than I can easily winter over. I have some greenhouse space at work, but rather than take over a bunch of extras I figure I'll see if anybody is interested in any trades. Here's what I have:
1 Noid Oncidium Orchid - It's a bit of a space hog, and needs to be divided. Offering a small division. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/137243-NOID-Oncidium
2 Cryptanthus 'Pink Starlite' Bromeliad - Pups grown out a bit, several to choose from, pics below

3 Dendrobium loddigesi - Well grown out keiki. Acclimated to full sun now.http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/137190-Dendrobium-loddigesi-Orchid-For-Trade

4 Cyperus alternifolia - Small plant, gets 2'-3' tall, pic below

5 Cyperus alternifolia variegata - Small division of plant pictured, same as above with variegated foliage, pic below

6 Noid Phal Grab bag - At least 5 Phal hybrids rescued from a customer a few months ago. No idea on color All are showing good growth, no pic

7 Ficus - This cultivar has the smallest leaves of any Ficus I've seen that has a tree-like growth habit. Excellent for bonsai, pic below

I'm most interested in stuff hardy in zone 6B or stuff that I can have go winter dormant, but anything will be considered. Thanks for looking!


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