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woah! whats going on here???

theres something happening to my esseriana plant. the only thing i can think is the two ants i fed it a couple days ago might have something to do with it. other than that it's been growing just fine for like 3 years with a fertilizing mist every now and then. this is the only time i have fed it anything other than the occasional gnat or springtail that it catches on its own....

I've never seen that before!
NEATO! i didn't know they grew like this. There doesnt seem to be much browning i can see


I've been meaning to propagate this plant anyways. am i doing it right? should i cover it with a bag or leave it?

Your plant has mutated into a brussel sprout.

That seems about right for pullings.
The roots look very healthy. Any signs of pests? Fungus gnat larvae perhaps? Have you sprayed the plant with anything: fertilizer, insecticides?

I usually just lay the pullings out on the medium. The plantlets nearly always develop at the leaf base. I never tried "planting" the pullings before.
some of the pullings had roots attatched so i figured that'd be the best way to do it.

no signs of pests at all. and like i said, only misted with light fertilizer everynow and then and the occasional gnat or two.

i blame the ants!

what should i do about the exposed roots?
I would try replanting the mother plant lower in some fresh media. Also, and this is just because I'm too curious for my own good, I would pull back those freaky leaves until I found some healthy looking ones... but I doubt that'd be healthy for it :)
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it's already growing normal leaves again....

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i'll try feeding it a couple more ants in a few months and see if it happens again
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Well that's good news. I would think if the ants were responsible that the damage would start at the leaves that were fed. We'll look forward to the results of your experiment.
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The photo of the cross section is awesome! Good to hear it's recovering.