wondering about dormancy

hey again....

itz me....this is about my 3rd or 4th post....

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well....dormancy....still not TOTALLY clear on dormancy...
first things first....i live in melbourne, Australia....so my time of seasons here is different to all or most of you....
so, what season do the VFT's go into dormancy?

second thing, i'm presuming that the water in-take and the food in-take gets minimized....how much exactly??

3. do i need to take the VFT out of the fridge for a certain amount of time during the day for sun-light, and fresh air (since there is no sunlight and fresh air in a fridge)???

right now, here in melbourne Australia, we're starting to hit winter....rains are coming in, and itz starting to get mighty cold....about 16 - 20 degress Celcius....nightz are colder!!!!!....

feedbak is greatly appreciated!!!

(melbourne, Australia)
I don't think you'd survive here in England, it is about 20 degrees celcius and this is getting towards summer temps... I dread to think what it's like for you in the summer!... I think I'd cook!

I am figuring it is about late autumn for you at the moment, so you want the dormancy to cover the worst three months of your weather, maybe from June until august?

Some people go bare root through dormancy, in a fridge with some antifungal stuff on the roots etc (as you've probably read), in deep shade and moist conditions, but not sitting in water.

As I live in a cooler climate when dormancy times come around here I am going to leave my plant in the pot (which increases the chance of mould unfortunately), but I soak the soil in a bit of antifungal stuff.

I will probably put the plants in my garage as temps will drop low (down to 4 degrees or so), but will not go below freezing. Although Mike King who lives in the UK has had plants survive happily after getting a bit of a frost.

There is also a window or two in the garage, so the plants won't be in complete darkness.

It may be better get a response from another Aus member as our climates are almost completely different and your winter sounds like my spring!
so you're saying that the best time for the dormancy of VFT's is through the first couple of months in winter??

since the inside of a fridge is already humid, do i need to sit the plant in some water, or do i just sprinkle some water on the top-soil of the plant, or do i NOT give it water whilst in the fridge??

during the worst part of the 3 months you said to keep in the fridge, should i take it out of the fridge for a couple of hours a day to soak-up some air and sun-rays??

on friday (2 days time), i'll be gettin my peat moss, sand, and perlite from a nursery and i'll be moving my VFT's into a roomier home!!! = )
i just got back from the supermarket with my distilled water and i changed the water in the bottom-plate!!!...
they look happier already with the distilled water, rather than the tap-water!!! = P