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For Trade Wondering about the gorilla in the roon

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Hi there,

With the modern day black plague on the loose, I am curious how folks here and elsewhere are viewing trading thru the mail. My family has a modest house in another city, but it seems travel is being discouraged at best. Or more to the point, what you cannot do is easier found out than what you can. So far we are staying put. I have done a web search or two on trading and found virtually nothing. Seems to me to be a nothing sort of thing, as in the odds of transmitting something that way appear to be so small as to be nonexistent. What do you think? What's your call? Good to go, makes you nervous, no way Jose?
The thought doesn't make me nervous. Just too chilly yet for me to consider trades, currently.
Trading through the mail doesn't worry me either. For many this is a good time because temps haven't gotten too warm yet but there is little concern about freezing.
Personally I am not that worried about carnivorous plant trades through the mail right now. If I were to trade or buy a plant right now I would just sterilize the outside of the pot and leave the plant in quarantine for a reasonable amount of time.