Well, I didnt know where to post this topic, because it has to do with all of my plants, but my question/concern with it all has to do with a VFT, so I put it here...

I was at my mom's from friday morning to sunday morning... When I got home sunday afternoon, There was soooooo much growth on almost ALL my CPs!!! My sundew's newest leaf (that was previously folded, and curled up) is HUGE, and LOADED with mucilage!!! One of my VFT's leaves opened before one i thought woudl open opened, The leaves on my VFTs grew like an inch, in two days... My Nepenthes' newest unfurled leaf was flat, and the baby curled leaf was sticking straight up (no longer touching the one it was inside), and my S. purpurea has nectar on all of it's pitcher's rims!!!!

My question/concern is....

Ok... My VFT trap that opened's cilia are still curling inwards... It looks like it opened to early... Number two, is... One of those baby traps (the kind that JUST stretched out, beyound the petiole) is open... There are NO cilia, no REAL shape (just half moon)... I think that THAT one for sure opened too early. Do all traps open at different times during their development, or did something happend to make all of my plants suddenly grow, like, SOOOOOO much, and also affect my VFTs? I didnt do anything..... I just left for two days... I expected SOME growth, right, I'm mature enough to realise that it will grow over the weekend, but WOW, they ALL grew soooooo much!!! Hehehe... Has this happend to you?
Sometimes they can grow quite fast during summer but VFTs can do lots of strange things. It sounds like your trap with no cilia could just be a mutation - the dente is descended from a mutant in the wild. You can also get two traps on one leaf sometimes.
dont worry, that happened to me before. The cilia dont seem like its there until it opens and its there. Sometimes mine gives off trap less leaves or other times with no cilia. I got a wierd plnt lol.

Its a baby baby baby tiny baby leaf... The trap is a baby too... Its about... 3/4 cm long. Its open though!!! Its a baby that is open! There isn't even trigger hairs!
its still closed at the ends...
its half open i guess i should said.
once its totally open will it kill?

my other close to being permature leaf, still has it's silia curled inwards. Is this a mutation, or do they straighten out?
It will continue to develope. No fear. I had a trap just do this. Opened with no types of hairs, a week later they are all showing.
The same thing happens with my plants when I was gone a week. They seemed to put on a months worth of growth;)

This is probably because I look at my plants many times a day so even when they grow, I do not notice the growth. When I stop looking at my plants for a period of time and look at them again, I perceive that the plants grew a lot.