Part 1: Amps

As I mentioned somewhere else, we haven't seen the sun for four weeks in a row. Doesn't frazzle the amps' coloration at all - check out this harlequin!

Entire plant

N. amp "Bau Green" and N. x kuchingensis

Big Bertha's newest pitcher, about the size of a goose egg (BB was my first ampullaria ever)

Corner Meeting

The whole amp tub from above. Big Bertha's vine is now about as thick as my index finger, its leaf span measures 30 inches, and the whole thing will probably reach the door in a year or two. When I bought her in 12/04, she still fit in a coffee mug

More amp crosses:

N. ampullaria x tobaica

N. x hookeriana. Check out roof and sky reflecting in the water.