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Thread: Misting

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    I'm searching threads and haven't stumbled upon a good thread yet, but I know I've seen them in the past.

    I'm currently working a misting system for my various plants. There's two reasons for it.

    One, I can't keep changing the humidifier tank every day (or twice a day). If I skip a day, the lights burn enough to drop humidity down to the 30% range, and everything dries out very quickly.

    Two, to help keep things slightly moist (not excessive), again the lights do a great job of drying everything out and i don't want to panic while going on vacation.

    I found a good nozzle that delivers something like 0.4 micron droplet size, I rigged one up to my ro system and it's so fine that it's hardly even noticeable when you put your hand though it! So this is a very very fine and light mist. Tonight I assembled a 4' stick that has 4 of these nozzles on it, of course forgot a few parts so couldn't test it out yet.

    So while a bunch of the plants here will probably love it, I don't know how the Nepenthes will. I swear I've read posts where people say to avoid getting leaves wet all the time, but then I see other posts here where it says it's not a problem. From pics I saw, larger green houses look like they top watering systems too for monster Nepenthes. My setup has good airflow, in my opinion, and a good temperature range for Highlands. I don't feel anything is really stagnant. As for the frequency, I was going to try to start the misting twice a day maybe 11am, and 6pm for a 1 min cycle each time.

    So what are you thoughts? Misting good or misting bad?

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    1 min of misting will probably evaporate quite a bit if not totally between 11 and 6, and especially between 6pm and 11am. Your lights will burn some of the mist from 6pm off, and it won't make it for the next 17 hours.

    If you have really good airflow, I wouldn't worry about fungus I guess.

    Alternatively, you could just get two humidifiers, find out how long it takes for one to run out at a certain setting, and cycle them with timers. That'd give you 2-4 days, and they're only $30 or so
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