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Thread: quarter for a cup of coffee, truncata

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    quarter for a cup of coffee, truncata

    this is three weeks after a cup of day old coffee was poured through the media, as with every other nep i have tried this on ( 5 in all ) every one has responded this way
    i have also started a monthly regimen of trichoderma , on several neps and some of my cephs, so i can compare to others that it isnt being used on , this black truncata is in the group getting the trich. it has been two weeks since i put on the trichoderma.
    this nep also is now out in intermediate conditions and will be on the new shelf when it is completed,
    it will have t-8 ,t-12, and a small t-5 fixture to one end , i will be keeping this nep far from the t-5 lights , Im pretty sure it is the reason for the scorched leaves,, so far the last and this new leaf have fewer burns than the other leaves were getting under the t-5 lights, this newest pitcher is inflating much slower though , but that will be OK if i have a nicer healthier plant..

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    NICE! I notice that my black truncata takes anything I put in its pitchers & coffee and super-sizes itself faster than *anything* else in my collection.

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    Awesome results.

    I've done the coffee treatment several times over the past year, and honestly haven't seen a shred of difference. I do fertilize them regularly with 1/2 strenght orchid fert though, so maybe they were already getting what they needed..?

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    Folgers Surely your plants if not your body deserve better than that.

    That is an marked increase in growth though, Just another convincing coffee treatment thread!
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