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Thread: Dying nepenthes cuttings

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    From the pictures, they don't look bad at all!

    I agree with bagging or keeping the humidity up.
    I am not sure why you are wrapping little bundles of LFS around the cuttings.
    This is usually done when "air layering" (trying to root a vine that is still attached to the mother plant), but otherwise I have not seen it done like that at all. Even in air-layering, plastic or wet burlap is wrapped around the LFS to help keep the moisture in. Indeed it will lead to moisture loss with the LFS bundles exposed like that.

    I agree, bag them or put them into pots, and then bag them anyway, to keep the humidity real high.
    Or if a lot of moisture is being lost, cut half the leaf back, as moisture is lost thru the leaves,
    and with no roots to make up for the lost moisture, the plant dries out before it can make roots.

    As far as whether you have a node inside the LFS, only you know that as it isn't visible in the photo. If you can find a few books on propagating plants (even if not about CP's, it will help.... but indeed one on Carnivorous Plants would be perfect) at the library, it will help a lot to understand what to do, and how.

    I apologize if I was rude, however I don't understand how anyone can be expected to answer questions about something, without knowing anything at all about the situation. I have seen so much of this lately that I am a bit testy about it.

    The best way to learn things is by reading up and studying about it, and TF and the internet is filled with plenty of information, in case there is no library around. Learning by asking opinions is not really as good as people hope it is, as a lot of conflicting information will be presented, and it seems everyone has an opinion, even those people who haven't been growing plants long enough to understand how to do it themselves. (I believe we had a youngster here recently (banned) who did this on a regular basis.)

    Well, good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnstuckinTime View Post
    Something I actually learned as a horticulture intern for a botanic garden is it matters more HOW you use the rooting hormone then WHAT type you use.

    Where each leaf connects to the stem is a node. Here, there are stem cells. These have the amazing power to be whatever the plant needs them to be (another shoot, roots, a flower) but obviously this is regulated by the plant. Rooting hormone, when placed on these nodes, makes the stem cells differentiate into roots.

    If you put the hormone on the end that you cut, you actually stand a high chance of clogging the vascular tissue, which leads to a drying out effect, and the cutting dies. SO! (the thing I actually learned) avoid putting rooting hormone on the incision site, but rather on a node or two above it.

    Hope that helps with your future cuttings!!

    That makes for interesting reading. I stopped using any sort of rooting powder/liquid as very few cuttings rooted. While I have had far better sucess when using nothing whatsoever. However I have had a few Neps such as my BE Species #2 that has never rooted from cuttings. So will give this idea a go when it starts to vine again.

    So you just coat the node with the powder? And pot the cutting with the coated node below the surface of the compost?
    Anything else you do?



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