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Thread: Advice for Nepenthes veitchii i got

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    Advice for Nepenthes veitchii i got

    Hey guys i just got a new Nepenthes veitchii...Not my first time growing it but i didn't succeed in growing it that well the last time....So i have questions. I know it needs a well draining media and likes to be dry out between watering...

    Would it be okay if i spray the leaves 1-2 times a day so i can get higher humidity for it? Or would they dislike it?

    Here it is now
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    Well i have a growlist her but anyways heres mine in another forum.

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    Oh wow that's a nice N.veitchii!

    So when I grow mine, it still makes pitchers in abysmal humidity, so I don't think you have to spray it. I have mine potted in about 2 cocohusk : 1 lfs, and water once a week. It got house temps when I had everything inside, and now it gets outside in San Diego temps that I grow outside, and takes everything like a champ (I have that N. veitchii K seedgrown, and an H I had before too did equally as well).

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    All of my veitchii are growing extremely well now that I have them under 8 T5's.. It seems to grow and pitcher better with lots of light, rather than less light and more humidity. With the higher amount of light, the humidity is only about 60% during the day. And the upcoming pitchers don't seem to progress if they get wet. So I wouldn't mist if I were you.. Just my experience with the HL variations.

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