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Thread: Me Nursery Find!

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    Me Nursery Find!

    So I stopped by a big local nursery today and had to choose between some giant Mirandas for $28 and these smaller, but still big Vents fro $16. I ended up with what seems like a healthy vent, so check it out!

    As you can see some of the leaves are yellowish and wrinkled, but I think it's just from not optimal conditions. Thoughts?

    Also, this big thing is in a 6" hanging basket, any need to repot?

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    great find! I wish my local nurseries would have some thing like that.
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    The messed up leaves look like either pests or from mineral buildup in the soil...maybe mixed in with some underwatering or extreme temps

    I'd trim off most of the bad leaves and see what happens....also, repot it into fresh soil.
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