I would want something small as I would only want one or two difficult species that need cold I can't normally provide (heat is a complete non issue even in winter for me). A greenhouse just isn't an option for me, which is one of the reasons why I focus on young and small plants. Perhaps once I graduate and live on my own (which might not happen immediately after I graduate) I will have more space and start increasing my collection more, but for now I am limiting myself to no more than 3 nepenthes of the same hybrid or species after the age of 2 years, and no more than 6 adults of drosera of the same species, and only 1 Venus flytrap colony. I have eliminated growing sarracenia entirely as they prefer to grow outside and their tall, often thin pitchers aren't suited for keeping space or indoor lighting arrangements. I also don't grow aquatic CPs as their tanks often have to be large to be sustainable (what I consider large and what others consider large might be different).

I guess I would only need such measures for ultra highlanders though, as I can provide temperatures as high as the low 90s (though I can control it so it stays in the low eighties or just leave it at the ambient temperatures of the low to mid 70s) and temperatures consistently as cold as the mid 60s, with winter providing the mid 50s.