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Thread: Nepenthes Ventricosa Update

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    Nepenthes Ventricosa Update

    Heres my Nepenthes Ventricosa after 3 weeks in my care I just bought some Sphagnum Moss off Ebay, so thats one of the main new things. I actually need some help with the moss. It was harvested off of the sellers land, and it came with a boatload of other vegetation including dead leaves, dead mushrooms, unknown soil, even a living pine sapling. But to top it all off, it had a LIVING SPIDER IN IT. It scared the pants off of me and I promptly fed it to my Nepenthes. My concern is that there might be ticks, fleas, or chiggers living in this moss. Does anybody have any insight on this? I really hope I didn't just bring a colony of parasites into my bedroom.
    Anyway, on with the pics:

    This is the only open pitcher the plant originally came with:

    Heres the first pitcher that opened in my care:

    Heres the 3rd pitcher it has coming in nicely. Its doubled in size since I got the plant I hope it'll be opening soon.

    Heres all of the moss in its swamp of uncertainty.

    Id also like to ask if Ive planted the Moss right on my plant. I simply placed a layer of it over the top of my soil. is the correct?
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