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Thread: Spraying Nepenthes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whimgrinder View Post
    Yes - but..... if humidity is a problem already (I assume thats what your goal is: to increase humidity in a dry-air indoor space) then you are not going to keep Sphagnum alive for long without misting it every five minutes. Sphagnum is notoriously difficult to maintain inside the dry air environment of a living space. Even in my full sized greenhouse with air and humidity controlled within very precise parameters, I have to wet the live Sphagnum at least once a day to keep it from drying excessively. Its more work by far to maintain living Sphagnum (Unless you build non-draining, saturated bog containers for it) than it is to maintain the Nepenthes in my greenhouse. FAR more work!
    I can certainly vouch for that. I grow several Nepenthes and even some Heliamphora without any supplemental humidity, but any tips of live or dead sphagnum sticking up out of a pot will quickly dry out and turn black.

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    I've had zero problems growing my "ventratas" in low humidity environments, albeit pitchering slows down some. I don't have that problem during the spring and summer most of the time, where humidity is generally over 50% most of the time.
    I've also experimented with just putting a "fine mist" onto the newly developing pitchers and they seem to produce very rapidly and with no drying and shriveling of pitchers.
    Just my .02 worth.

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