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Thread: Thez_yo's babies

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    Thez_yo's babies

    A while back Thez_yo was so gracious as to give me a large quantity of fresh Nepenthes seed that she produced from her magical San Diegan balcony. The only catch was that I had to give a bunch of away here on the forums, which I did. I'd be interested to see if any of the recipients had any luck with their seed. Anyway this the largest of the seedlings I have so far and I have mixed up its identity, but it sure is a great little plant so far and it has a lot of siblings in the wings.

    From what I understand this guy could be either:

    (thorellii x campanulata) x inermis
    (thorellii x campanulata) x (ventricosa x inermis)
    (thorellii x campanulata) x platychila

    Thanks again Zu!!

    LOOKING FOR: N. (argentii x bicalcarata) x {[(lingulata x edwardsiana) x (naga x hamata)] x [(klossii x undulatifolia) x (aristolochioides x rajah)]} Growlist:

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    It's not x platychila (which is the cross I have that I've posted a couple photos in my Nepenthes thread of, one in particular getting large), but might be x (ventricosa x inermis).
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