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Thread: Need help with temp drop

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    Need help with temp drop

    Hey guys I'm was hoping to get some advice on the highland growers on how they cool their setups at night. I need a smaller compact ac unit or a very efficient swamp but small swamp cooler that i could keep in my grow rack. Window ac isnt an option unfortunately. I wanted to possibly setup a peltier but seeing how the cover of my grow rack is plastic i think id end up destroying the cover in the process. I am at the moment using ice packs and this can get the temps as low as 16 c but I need a more permanent solution thanks for the help!

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    The simplest I have come up with is a 4" duct fan, 4" flexible duct tubing, ultrasonic humidifier with the output sent through a 2" sump pump hose that intersects the 4" duct. This has worked great for me since the early 2000s.

    Needless to say you have to setup somewhere close a window so the fan can suck cold air from the window surface or opened window or output from a window AC in the hottest part of summer, blow it through the tubing where the incoming air is humidified before entering the HL Nepenthes chamber. The only change I made to the setup over all the years was to plug the fan and humidifier into a Zoomed Hygrotherm to automate the day and night time temp drop.
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