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Thread: Is a ventrata really the toughest/most vigorous nepenthes?

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    Is a ventrata really the toughest/most vigorous nepenthes?

    As per the title - what do you think is the most vigorous/easy to grow/hard to kill Nepenthes (open to both hybrids and species)? In particular, how do other vigorous hybrids e.g thorelli x aristolochioides compare to ventrata?

    In terms of personal experience, I have found my N. indah (ventricosa x spathulata) is very similar in terms of vigor to ventrata, but also handles much colder temperatures. I wonder if there are other lesser known hybrids like this? N. indah is mentioned very little in these forums.

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    This question may be entirely dependent on one's conditions. Someone who possesses very cool temperatures may find some true highland plants bombproof, someone with hot and humid conditions might find mirabilis, gracilis, ampullaria etc. to be indestructible. For me N. ampullaria certainly is a difficult one to kill (though perhaps not so easy to propagate), and 'Miranda', x mixta, ventrata, gracilis, and any number of ventricosa hybrids are hard to hurt.
    N. x "ventrata" is considered the most tolerant however because it is a perfect intermediate; able to grow in any set of decent temperature or humidity conditions, will tolerate high or low light, fairly dry soil to soaking wet, and grows quickly as well as takes supremely easy from cuttings.
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    Ventrata is definitely a good plant when talking about easy to grow nepenthes in most common house conditions. I would say it's probably one of the easiest if your objective is to get a big plant with how it'll vine and put out basals. Pretty much, you can expect a lot of intermediate elevation species to be relatively easy to grow in the widest variety of conditions, especially compared to strict lowland or highland species.

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    Mirabilis for me

    I have both ventrata and mirabilis and both grow fast, but mirabilis seems to pitcher more readily in my climate (near Bombay, India)... so it wins

    Though in terms of foliage... both seem well matched with the ventrata perhaps a touch faster. Plenty of basals too.
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    One plant that has been surprisingly bomb-proof for me is N. boschiana x campanulata. This plant has gone bone dry, been in harsh sun, cold temps, low-light, you name it. It doesn't necessarily pitcher in those conditions but it grows steadily and has lots of foliage. In my experience any plant with boschiana in it tends to be quite hardy.
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